Products & Services

A full range of the printing services offered by West Ferry Printers Ltd and the equipment available is given below;


Industrial CTP workflow via Krause Jetnet.

PDF and Tiff Operation including PDF Convert, PDF Softproof, PDF Pre-flight, PDF Correct, PDF Impose and PDF Ink-Adjust

CTP XML tracking output via

4 x Krause LS Jet Multiformat 350 Platesetters,

4 x Bluefin 650 Processors

4 x Nela VCPevolution HS 800T plate trimmer/benders, feeding

Fuji LP-NNW Violet Plates into 2 x 32 bin plate sortation systems.

Web based client Tiff Soft proof and page pair view and approval.

Reel Handling

Joloda Automated Vehicle Off-Loader feeding Eberth de-stacker.

Reel stacking via Rocla Clamp LGV’s into 1200 Reel Main reelstore.

Fully automated Warehouse management/reporting via Swisslog WMS.

2 x Schmactl Semi-Automatic Reel Preparation Lines feeding 220 prepared reel racking via Rocla Fork LGV.

Reel Prep, transportation and racking in fully automated “lights out” reel room with positive humidification and de-humidification controls.

Press Data

Newspaper Page             365 x 578mm

Tabloid Page                  289 x 365mm

Max Print Area               340 x 569mm

Paper Roll Width            1/1       1460mm

                                    ¾        1093mm

                                    ½        728mm

(Variable web width for future webs 1460 – 1264mm is included)

Performance                  90,000 copies per hour

Web Speed                   14.45 m / sec

Paper Weights               36 – 80 gsm

Maximum Outputs

Line 1 (12 Towers)           2 x 96pg Tabloid Straight @ 90kcph each.

                                      1 x 128pg Tabloid Straight @ 90kcph, 1 x 128pg Collect @ 45kcph.

Line 2 (10 Towers)           2 x 80pg Tabloid Straight @ 90,000 each.

                                      1 x 96pg Tabloid Straight @ 90kcph, 1 x 128pg Collect @ 45kcph.

                                      1 x 48pg Broadsheet Straight @ 90kcph, 1 x 64pg Tabloid Straight @ 90kcph.


KBA Commander CT Double Width Double Circumference Design.

22 KBA Pastomat CL 50 Reelstands arranged in 2 lines of 10 and 12 (10 tower line prepared for additional 2)

Baldwin Jetstream 1000 Web Cleaner removing any dust and loose debris prior to printing.

22 Compact Print Towers in lines as above with 8 print couples per tower. 

  Features                     Mini-continuous gap technology

                                   Automatic Plate loading/un-loading (imposition driven for edition changes)

                                   KBA Rollertronic for automatic adjustment of the ink and damp rollers

                                   Water cooled ink drums

                                   Baldwin Inkrollclean automated ink train washing system

                                   Baldwin Maxima spraybars

                                   Fan Out regulation

                                   Fully automated QI register and cylinder cut-off position control systems

                                   Baldwin Fusion F Automatic Blanket Cylinder Washing

   4 x KBA KF7 2:7:7 Jaw Folders. Capable of 160 page Tabloid at 90,000 copies per hour

   Automatic remote adjustment of jaws, overlap, collect-straight production modes, and step-less adjustment of collect cylinder diameter.

   4 x Baldwin Highliner 35.0 W Digital Dampening solution conditioning and circulation systems.

   8 x KBA Control stations and de-centralized KBA Drivetronic Drive and Control System.

   Full diagnostic PC systems, with fully integrated KBA LMS maintenance and stores/stock control systems.

   EAE OPS2 Print Production Planning and Pre-Setting System.

   Tolerans Speedliner 2.0 Stitcher available for tabloid products.

   Hydrair Dominator Double Tank – Triple Pump (per colour) Ink Farm holding up to 90,000KG of ink.


   Heatset Ovens allowing semi-commercial production (12 Months Leadtime)

 Folders Prepared for Quarter Folder and Ribbon and/or Further Collect Cylinder stitching

 Post Press

   Ferag System Comprising

   Conveyor Area                     4 x UTR Forwarding Station with Check Copy Extraction to (KBA) desk, inline automated waste extraction,

                                             and 4 x Delivery Station.

   Multistack Area                    8 x Multistack Systems, Bundle Pacer, Addfelt Top-Sheet applicators, underwrappers,

                                             Smartstrap C36 L/Q Cross-Strappers.

   Inserting Area                     2 x MultiSert 2.1 75Kcph Inserting Drums, 2 x Jetstream, 8 x Jet Feeders.

   Bundle Despatch Area          2 x 4 in 3 out 100 Bundle per minute Carousel, feeding 4 Segbert Palletising Systems, with Octopus Pallet    


   Full FERAG “NAVIGATOR” control and Set-up of all post press operations.


Waste Area

   Fully Recycled waste/spent printing plates via bin exchange.

   Printed/Press Waste Via IMPACT Air System waste conveyor, shredder and compacted with Thetford presses into Legras trailers.

   White and Brown Waste sorted and baled into mill sized bales.

  Building Data

   150,000 sqft facility on 9 Acre Site(110,000sqft

   currently used)

   2 minutes to M1 J10.

   2 minutes Luton Parkway Station.

   9,000KVA Electrical Supply with full unit

   protection and changover.

   Dual Water Supply

   Dry Canopy for Delivery of product.

   Full Technical workshop with in-house repair and maintenance facilities.